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The Master’s horoscope presented by Vishnuramprasad, with some major inputs from G.N. Balakrishnan, who is G.N.B’s brother.

Sukran who is lord of arts.. He is his rashi adhipathi and he is in 5th place which is purya punyam. So MMI is an extension of previous births. That is the main reason for vidwat..

His good speeches and great taste is due the combination of soorya and budha. It is a constructed one.. As his birth date mentioned in many place itself is not tallying with his star. But all the elders including vembu Iyer, TVS, my grandpa, Venu Sir confirm that his star is Rohini..

Based on that i looked for Aippasi rohini. My friend who has extensively studied astrology told me that rohini 2nd padha is the best paadha in that star for gandharva Vidya.. The other paadhas generally do not give such a person like MMI

Even on a very cursory glance, one notices the astrological reason as to why, the greatest master held SWAY OVER THE. MASSES IN THE FIELD OF CARNATIC MUSIC. Just look at the combination of factors that contributed for this.  Just to cite a few, the  Lagna lord Moon is in DEEP EXALTATION in the most important 11th house, as also the NEECHABHANGA RAJA YOGA of the ROYAL SUN, with the YOGA KARAKA MARS , powerfully posited in the 4th Kendra along with the Sun, and very powerfully aspecting the 10th house of PROFESSIONAL CAREER, carrying him to dizzy heights in his profession. Also, the 10th house is owned by its lord, who directly aspects it.  There is also a PARIVARTHANA YOGA, between the lords of the angles and triangle, the 4th and 5th houses, owned by Venus and Mars, one of the great gifts.

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