Raining Mohanam, by Kapali

It was in the year 1961 or so. The occasion was MMI kutcheri at the Ramanavami festival at Seshadripuram , Bangalore. MMI was accompanied by Lalgudi and Palani Subramania Pillai. After about 90 mts  well in to the concert , MMI was midway  in the alapana for Mohanam when there was a sudden outburst of  summer thunderstorm rain with strong gusty winds resulting in abrupt failure of electricity. There was pitch darkness in the concert pandal and the huge crowd waited patiently with pin drop silence . Rainwater started seeping under the stage where the artists were performing. Silently the organizers and volunteers shifted the whole stage in the darkness to a farther away location free from the rain water seepage. Fortunately the whole carpet area where the listeners were seated was free from the water leakage. Miraculously, the rain and storm subsided completely after 20 mts and power also was restored immediately to the relief of one and all and the audience could scarcely believe how the entire stage was shifted to another remote area in the pandal in the darkness. MMI resumed the finishing touches  of the alapana of Mohanam  and later on sang a sublime  ‘Nanupalimpa’ in his inimitable style. MMI was in fine mettle and when the memorable concert was about to end late in the night the president of the Ramaseva Samithi in his address said ” What we heard today is not normal Sangeetham but Devamrutha Sangeetham” !

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